Meet our team!

Meet our team!

Meet our team!

Lindsay Lee

Vice President of Operations and Commercialization

Lindsay joined the QB team in 2018 and has been running the ship ever since. Well, at least the shipment part of things. As VP of Operations and Commercialization, Lindsay is responsible for leading the Clarifi project commercialization process to bring our product to life, as well as manage our product supply.

Originally from Syracuse, NY, Lindsay moved back to her hometown after spending over a decade in the healthcare industry, working for giants like Johnson & Johnson and Revlon (and yes, she named a nail polish color). So when she came across Quadrant Biosciences, a small scale startup, it was clear she knew it wasn’t dealing with a small scale discovery.

“When I moved back, I was committed to pursuing opportunities that truly made a difference in the lives of patients, people, and families. Quadrant was an exciting fit because they were on the brink of making cutting-edge science available that could ultimately enable expedited access to services that may improve outcomes for a family and child. I knew I absolutely needed to be part of the journey to make that a reality.”

Lindsay brings an important perspective regarding the connection between business and the reality of parenthood. Being the mom of identical, two-year old twins, she related to the experiences new moms, like her, were dealing with. Whether that be balancing work and life, swapping funny anecdotes, or trusting that you’re making the right decisions for your child.

“When you become a parent, you’re not given a playbook. There’s no right or wrong answer and every child is so different. I’m a mom of twins, so I understand that even the most identical type of beings develop differently. That’s why I’m interested in giving parents a tool to help them make the best decisions regarding their child’s development; it’s an objective piece to the puzzle of children’s developmental patterns, in which there is a very wide range of expected behaviors.”

With the autism diagnostic process currently in practice, some parents struggle to find the answers they desperately want for their child. But despite the arduous journey, it’s important parents stick to their instincts.

“You know your child better than anybody else,” Lindsay believes. “In most cases, especially when they’re young and can’t communicate well, you’re their advocate. You should feel empowered to do what you think is right for your child. Despite what is being told to you, if you have a feeling, you should feel empowered to act upon that.”

Now with Clarifi about to enter the market, and some prodding on how Clarifi has impacted her personally, Lindsay is able to take a step back and reflect on things.

“I have such a greater appreciation for how different everyone’s battles can be in regards to parenting. No two parenting journeys are alike. It’s not easy, and you have no idea what another parent is dealing with in terms of their child. There are good days and bad days for everyone – for both parents and kids. We are all trying to make the best choices we can with the best information we have to give the best life to our children.”

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