A Saliva Test for Autism is Launching in the United States

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Clarifi, an autism saliva test, is about to launch in the United States. This brand new autism saliva test could impact the way autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed going forward, as it is the first objective, molecular test that can aid the diagnosis of ASD.  But why is this so important? Up until now, tests


The Science Behind the Clarifi Autism Test

There is a brand new biological test for autism on the horizon – and it’s based on molecules scientists didn’t even know existed 20 years ago. About five years ago, researchers at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY discovered that small, little known molecules in the saliva may hold the key to diagnosing autism.  Instead


Quadrant Biosciences Wins New York Technology Award

We’re excited to share that our company, Quadrant Biosciences, has been recognized as the New York Technology Business of the Year for our breakthrough epigenetic research! The award, presented by the New York State Small Business Development Center (SBDC),  recognizes the boldest, brightest, and best small companies in New York State. Although Quadrant is a


Bacteria Within a Child’s Mouth Could Help Identify Autism

Bacteria Within a Child’s Mouth Could Help Identify Autism New research has recently emerged that “changes in the bacteria within a child’s mouth may provide biomarkers for identifying autism.”[1]  This technology is being developed into a saliva test which will aid clinicians in autism diagnosis. Previous research has established the presence of a disrupted gut-brain