Clarifi - Early diagnosis means early intervention

Why does it take so long to get an Autism Diagnosis?

Sep 14th, 2018

Early diagnosis means early intervention and the best possible outcomes for your child. Currently the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all children receive an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) specific screening between the ages of 18-24 months. At 18 months children should have developed basic verbal and motor skills that will give your pediatrician a better understanding of how your child is developing.

However, you are the first step in shortening the diagnosis time frame. At nine months of age your baby should recognize their name, make eye contact and try to communicate with you either verbally or nonverbally. If your baby is not doing this, you should consult your pediatrician. Your pediatrician may want to rule out other possibilities such as hearing and sight concerns.

Symptoms can also be misinterpreted as signs of a quiet, independent baby as it's not so much that the child is acting unusual, it's that common fundamentals are missing. It's important to let your doctor know if additional screenings may be needed due to your child showing signs or behaviors or has a sibling or other family member with an ASD diagnosis.

There are many factors that delay the Autism Diagnosis Process:

  1. The scope of the Autism Spectrum can range from mild to severe and may not show up until your baby is in their toddler years.
  2. Ruling out the identification of Autism first prolongs the diagnosis process.
  3. The shortage of child behavioral specialist available to aid in diagnosis.
  4. The current protocol not detecting subtle or beginning stage symptoms
  5. Parents underreporting current protocol symptoms

Up until now there was no test that could identify whether or not your child had Autism, diagnosis was only determined through behavioral analysis.

The scientists and Quadrant Biosciences have discovered that saliva contains MicroRNA that can identify certain biomarkers indicating an Autism diagnosis. Combine this saliva test with the MCHAT protocol that is currently in place and you have results that are 90% accurate!!!

Now pediatricians can help diagnose patients as early as 18 months with Clarifi!! This can shorten the diagnosis process by eliminating some of the deterrents that have prolonged the current protocol for Autism diagnosis.

Early intervention leads to the best possible outcomes. If you expect something, use your intuition and get your child tested today. Ask your pediatrician about Clarifi.